Our history

Our school was formed as a private training organization in 1998. In 2004 the name was changed to Patria Pilot Training as the Patria Group acquired its shares. Since 2005, Patria Pilot Training has been a 100% owned subsidiary of Patria Aviation, a Patria Group company.

Patria has been investing heavily into our training quality and equipment:

  • 1998 The School was established under the name Pilot Factory
  • 2000 Fleet of nine FFA Bravo´s acquired (pictured above)
  • 2004 Patria purchased 50% of Pilot Factory shares, name changed to Patria Pilot Training Oy
  • 2005 Patria purchased remaining 50% of Pilot Factory shares
  • 2007 Mechtorinix FNPT II was purchased, old ATC training devices phased out
  • 2008 Student uniforms introduced
  • 2009 Move from Malmi Airport terminal to ex-Copterline hangar at Helsinki-Malmi airport
  • 2009 First students of the State University of Civil Aviation (St. Petersburg) arrive
  • 2010 Purchase of Cirrus SR22 G3 FIKI fleet for instrument training (pictured above)
  • 2011 Purchase of Tecnam P2002JF De Luxe fleet for basic training
  • 2011 Phase out of the entire FFA Bravo fleet
  • 2012 Switch to Diamond DA-42NG Multi-Engine training fleet (previously Piper PA-34 Senecas)
  • 2014 First students from Kazakhstan Academy of Civil Aviation arrive
  • 2015 Cirrus SR22 G3 Fleet Phased out
  • 2016 Purchase of Airbus A320 FTD1 FNPT
  • 2016 Purchase of 4 x Diamond DA 40NG aircraft, two Diamond DA 42NG FNPT II and one Diamond DA 42-IV aircraft
  • 2016 Closure of Helsinki-Malmi Airport, Patria moves to Tampere-Pirkkala Airport
  • 2016 Patria starts its first ever Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) training for Finnair
  • 2017 Mechtronix FNPT II sold away
  • 2017 Patria starts its first ever Nordic Regional Airlines (Norra) training
  • 2017 Start of training operations at Tampere-Pirkkala airport
  • 2017 Delivery of DA 40NG, DA 42-IV aircraft and installation of DA 402NG FNPT`s

In the early days of the school, Piper Cherokees and Seneca´s were part of our fleet in addition to later FFA Bravos. In 2011 Patria started glass cockpit training as Tecnams entered into service with their Garmin G500 displays. Since then, the whole fleet gradually became all glass cockpit equipped, now boasting e.g. Garmin 1000 Nxi´s in our DA 40NG and DA 42-IV aircraft.

Today, Patria is one of the largest northern European Approved Training Organizations. Our focus is in professional pilot training for airlines and institutional customers, whose students we have trained with great success. Hundreds of ex-Patria students fly in Finland and all around the world for airlines with great success.