On this page are listed the frequently asked questions.

What kind of psychological tests are performed?

Patria uses professional screening and selection methods through our Selection Psychologist, who personally tests our students. Computer aided testing software is used during the test among other devices. You can not prepare for these tests in any ways.

Students will be interviewed and their level of English is also tested in written and spoken form. Mathematics and Physics will be tested as well. For these tests you can prepare in advance.

Why are psychological tests mandatory?

Becoming a professional pilot requires certain personal capabilities and skills, which unfortunately not everybody possesses. Therefore, even if you are motivated to become a pilot, we will run our tests to all cadets to make sure that your personal knowledge, skills and aptitude is up to the task of becoming a professional pilot and a Commander of an aircraft. Studying is very demanding and without the right qualifications, it will be a challenge to pass all exams and practical tests. Since flight training is expensive, the tests are arranged to protect the student from making a wrong career selection and cover the sponsor of studies from investing to a wrong person. Our track record indicates that only ca 1% of selected students will terminate their studies, mostly due to motivational reasons. 

How much does testing cost?

Our testing fee to individual students is now 450 euros not including aeromedical center's MED1 examination fees.

If I want to be trained for an airline, who should I contact?

If we run an active airline training program, you can contact the airline based on their advertisement, or check contacts from our website.

What kind of health requirements must be met?

EASA´s Commercial Pilot requirements are rather tolerant, however you may not have a chronic disease, such as diabetes. There are eye sight requirements but wearing glasses is not automatically an excluding factor.

Students must meet Aeromedical Class 1 requirements, which can be found here: http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=49&pageid=527

How long does it take to become a commercial pilot?

In general, all training programs will last ca 20-24 months. The duration depends greatly on the weather and also your own progress with your studies.

How do I get my residence permit for Finland?

All students who have been approved to start in Finland with their studies (individual or airline/institutional recruits) will have to apply for a residence permit for the whole duration of their training and up to 24 months to allow some delays. The nearest Embassy will assist in the application process, while Patria will issue a Letter of Acceptance to each student for this purpose. You will need to have e.g. a valid passport, insurance and funds for your whole study period.

How is housing arranged for and how much per month does it cost?

Patria will assist our foreign students with housing arrangements in various and case by case ways. We have contacts for housing professionals in Finland who will be able to offer their services to our students. Housing costs from 350 to 650 euros per month, depending on the quality and location of housing, and also if the housing if for a single person or for a group.

How much are living costs is Finland?

The Finnish Immigration office requires you to be prepared for living costs of 560 euros per month (including housing). Your actual living costs (after housing) will vary somewhat based on your own habits and consumption. Here are some estimations:

Local transport (within Tampere region)         

  • EUR 50 per month

Lunch at the airport restaurant

  • EUR ca 10 per day

Other food costs

  • EUR 300 month

Phone and internet    

  • Based on your own use (internet is free at the school and most housing locations)
Is Finland a safe environment for my studies?

Yes. Finland is a well-organized society and generally very safe. Your flight training will be conducted according to the highest possible safety levels.

What language will be used for training?

Our languages are Finnish and English. Finnish will obviously be used only for Finnish students while all foreign students will have to be able to communicate in English.

Regarding all students, we only use English for training inside the aircraft. All radio communication will be in English with Air traffic Control. Therefore, all students will have to be able to speak, read and understand English well enough to reach ICAO level 4 during their training process. The English language is the language of aviation and therefore a sufficient skill level is an absolute must.

NOTE: Lack of skills in the English Language is the single most important reason for rejection to become a student at Patria.

Who owns Patria Pilot Training?

Patria Pilot Training is owned by Patria, a Finnish company which is owned by Government of Finland (50.1%) and Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (49.9%)

Who supervises Patria´s training operations?

The Competent Authority in Finland is the Finnish CAA, also called TraFi. Our CAA is implementing pan-European EASA regulations, which form the regulatory environment for aviation in Finland. Therefore, pilot  training in Finland will follow EASA regulations.

CAA = Civil Aviation Authority, TraFi www.trafi.fi

EASA = European Aviation Safety Agency www.easa.europa.eu